The Studio

Welcome Lovely Nest’s home studio!

When my husband and I purchased our home a number of years ago, it had a completely unfinished basement. We knew when we were viewing this home that it would make the perfect studio nest for capturing your baby’s sweet essence.

Luckily, my husband is super handy and goes along with all of my ideas {awesome, might I add!} We got to work right away. I wanted to create a space that was inviting, relaxing and comforting… like a nest. I wanted to make sure new parents felt comfortable and relaxed in the studio while I work my magic.

I have a large variety of  hats, outfits, wraps, headbands, and other tiny props to using during our session. Most of my collection is geared towards newborns, but I also have a large collection of adorable sitter rompers and maternity gowns available.

So many parents ask whether they need to purchase or bring anything for their newborn session, and as you can see, I have so much to choose from! A comment I hear all the time from parents is “Wow. You have a lot of selection”. This is a collection that has taken over 6 years to build and I am really proud to offer so many beautiful things for my tiny clients to use and also slightly embarrassed… “Hi, My name is Tiffany. I have a problem buying newborn photography props”… So the answer is no, you really don’t need to purchase a new outfit or bring anything if you don’t want to, I’ve got you (or your baby, rather) covered!